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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review - Becoming Legend

It's impossible to think about The Final Shape without the context of the last 10 years, the seven other Destiny 2 expansions, and the four original Destiny expansions--plus the vanilla campaigns that came with both games. This eighth Destiny 2 expansion is, to some degree, the culmination of the somewhat haphazard decade-long journey that the first game spawned, in which Bungie has continually tried experiment after experiment in gameplay, adjusted and recalibrated its storytelling, and worked

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review-in-Progress

It's impossible to think about The Final Shape without the context of the last 10 years, seven other Destiny 2 expansions, and four original Destiny expansions, plus the campaigns that came with the releases of both games. This eighth Destiny 2 expansion is, to some degree, the culmination of the somewhat haphazard decade-long journey that the first game spawned. And while the story itself hasn't always been consistently building toward a conclusion, there's a clear, mostly positive evolution ac

XDefiant Review

XDefiant is an FPS with an identity crisis. This arcade-style arena shooter pulls characters and locations from various Ubisoft games, and it feels a little bit like a lot of different things as a result: It's fast and twitchy in a way that’s similar to games like Call of Duty, but has class abilities that might put it closer to something like Overwatch. It’s got fast respawns and faster deaths, but offers objective-based modes that prioritize teamwork over straight killcount. That combination o

Fallout (Amazon Show) Review - Of The People, For The People

Capturing what makes the Fallout series endearing as a TV show is a tall order. So much of the experience relies on the sense of discovery that comes from wandering the Wasteland. You may enter a subway tunnel on a whim and encounter a city made up of people who think they're vampires, or meet a guy who is also a tree. Whether it's speaking with the leaders of factions about their values and deciding whether they're your values, or just sneaking around a supermarket overtaken by murderous robots

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Review

Successfully bringing well-known console video games to phones and tablets requires hitting a very specific balance. You want the mobile version to feel like the same game people already like, while acknowledging that using a touchscreen device usually means playing for a short period of time on something that's not designed for games. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is a pretty ideal demonstration of hitting that balance — it maintains all the most important elements of the PC and console Warzone

Rise Of The Ronin Review - Long-Term Investment

If someone tells me a game takes several hours to "get good," my immediate feeling is that I will never play that game. Who has hours to waste waiting for the good part of anything when there are so many other games to play? But my opinion of Rise of the Ronin changed drastically over the course of my 50 hours of playtime--in the first five or 10 hours, I didn't really like it. By the end, I was planning to dive back in to clear out side quests and replay key moments to see how the story might c

3 Body Problem Review - Unpredictable

Content warning: This review includes discussion of, and 3 Body Problem includes depictions of, self-harm.

Adapting Liu Cixin's science-fiction novel, The Three-Body Problem, is no small feat. The sweeping story leaps across timelines and bounces between the perspectives of a number of characters. All that goes to convey big ideas about physics and astronomy in the context of a mystery full of strange occurrences. Netflix's series adaptation of the story, 3 Body Problem, succeeds because it tak

Shōgun Review - Game Of Ronin

Ever since Game of Thrones came to an end back in 2019, I've been itching for some expansive medieval political intrigue. FX's adaptation of Shōgun, James Clavell's 1975 novel, provides exactly what I've been craving. It widens its view of the original story, which follows a fictionalized version of the adventures of the first Englishman to reach Japan, to put a greater emphasis on the dangerous political world that man finds himself trapped in. This new adaptation of Shōgun is all about the mac

The Inquisitor Review

Video games can be great vehicles for mysteries. The idea of gathering clues, questioning witnesses, and giving dramatic speeches where you stun an array of suspects with your intellect makes for an exciting fantasy. But lots of games stumble trying to fit the inherently open-ended, red-string-connecting fantasy of the detective into traditionally linear story structures. The Inquisitor is a game like that — it starts with the compelling concept of playing as a medieval church cop hunting a vamp

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review

I fell in love with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time way back in 2003, when it helped redefine 3D action-adventure games with its clever rewind ability enhancing its environmental puzzles and fast, acrobatic combat. But while the aughts saw a bunch of sequels with similar elements, none ever quite hit the same heights as The Sands of Time – and the 2010s were a parched desert for the series. But like an oasis, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown finally nails what I loved about those classic Pri

Lego Fortnite Review

Surprising absolutely no one, Fortnite and Lego snap satisfyingly together like a couple of plastic construction bricks. Combining the building creativity of Lego sets with Fortnite's expansive and often gorgeous island playgrounds is a smart match that creates an approachable yet fairly deep survival game. But while it streamlines a few of the more cumbersome aspects of the genre, Lego Fortnite also has the distinct feel of an early access game, trading as much on its future potential as its cu

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Review - The Good Blue Man Group

Before starting Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, I was reminded of what I think of when considering any open-world game: Killscreen's review of Fallout 4 by Chris Breault, and the opening line, "Here comes the trashman!" Breault discusses an experience of constantly picking up and covering yourself in the garbage scattered around that game's massive world. It's a description that feels highly applicable to most open-world games--huge, but full of refuse that you spend endless hours picking through

The Talos Principle 2 Review - Machine Learning

Video games often deal with the end of the world and thinking about how cool it might be. Like, sure, it sucks that most everyone has to die horribly for the end of the world to take place, but those of us who survive might get to shoot evil marauders or rotting mutants or giant bugs. Or maybe there are evil marauders, rotting mutants, and giant bugs who are trying to bring about the end of the world, and you can shoot them to prevent it. In any event, the idea of finding fun settings that let y

Lords Of The Fallen Review - Dark Slog

There are a lot of elements that might be said to define Souls-like games, but high on the list has to be the genre’s particular approach to pacing. As a group of action-RPGs, they’re defined first by periods of growing, ratcheting tension. You fight through long areas filled with tough enemies, with each one dropping "souls" that you can spend to level up your character, which you risk losing if you die before you reach a safe place where you're able to spend them.

Following the build of tensi

Thymesia Review - Hunter Homage

A lot of games have drawn inspiration from the works of From Software, with varying degrees of success. While many developers look to emulate that high degree of challenge that comes from the likes of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, they often miss the fact that it's From's thoughtful, tight gameplay and deliberate encounter design that makes these games fun, not just a punishing difficulty. Thymesia, a 3D action game that draws heavy influence from some specific From titles, manages to stri

Rollerdrome Review - Skate Or Die

When I was losing hours to Roll7's latest side-scrolling skateboard platformer, OlliOlli World, I never said to myself, "I wonder what this would be like if my skater had a gun." Roll7 obviously did, though, and the result is Rollerdrome. Though it makes departures from the skating games that Roll7 is known for, Rollerdrome nails what's most important about them: it's an easy game to play that makes you feel awesome while you're playing it.

Rollerdrome is similar to Roll7's other titles in that
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How To Get Khvostov 7G-0X In Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Khvostov, the Exotic auto rifle based on the very first gun players find in the original Destiny, has made a return in The Final Shape. It's one of the Exotics you can hunt down in the aftermath of the new Destiny 2 expansion's campaign as you explore the Pale Heart of the Traveler, but unlike the others that provide you with Exotic missions, this one is a puzzle you have to figure out on your own. It requires doing a lot of exploring, fighting, and intuiting, and by the end, you'll know the new

Destiny 2's Post-Final Shape Future Includes The Dreadnaught And A Tease Of Codename Frontiers

With the world-first raid race finished and the final Excision mission bringing The Final Shape's campaign to an end, Destiny 2 has officially reached the conclusion of the "Light and Darkness Saga," the story of staving off a second apocalypse developer Bungie has been telling since 2014. Knowing that that story arc was wrapping up has left the future of the game a little hazy, but we now have a clearer idea of what the next year will look like for Destiny 2, as well as a tease of where things

The Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time Remake Is Still Coming, But Not Anytime Soon

Ubisoft's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake is still happening. It is. Ubisoft said so during its Ubisoft Forward livestream. Unfortunately, it's not happening anytime soon.

After talking about its other two Prince of Persia games released this year, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and The Rogue: Prince of Persia, Ubisoft teased its third take on the classic action-platforming series. With a single title card, Ubisoft confirmed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time still exists, but sho

Metal Gear Solid Delta Demos Just How Much Anguish You'll See On Snake's Face This Time

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, a remake of 2004's Metal Gear Solid 3, is heading to Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft announced during the Xbox Games Showcase--although, we don't know exactly when.

A new trailer for the game came during the showcase, demonstrating its new and updated visuals. But while this enhanced version of Metal Gear Solid 3 has a new coat of paint and is looking pretty good in motion, it features the original game's voice performances, including that of David Hayter, who pl

Dragon Age: The Veilguard Trailer Introduces Your Buddies In Thedas

Dragon Age: The Veilguard, formerly known as Dreadwolf, was announced way back in 2018, but it didn't get more than a brief teaser over the next five-plus years: until now, that is. The game was fully unveiled during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, and we are very excited to return to Thedas.

Electronic Arts dropped a new story trailer for the game during the showcase, running through some of the companion characters you'll meet during the game and giving a little sense of what they're like

Avowed Story Trailer Suggests You'll Be Dealing With A Lot Of Liars In The Living Lands

There's a lot going on in Avowed, with its world being infested with a life-twisting pestilence called the Dreamscourge, but a new trailer suggests you'll also have a lot of competing influences of the human variety to deal with during the game.

Developer Obsidian Entertainment showed off the trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase, with a whole lot of new gameplay and voiceover from three different characters--all of whom suggest the others are lying to you. That already creates a convoluted se

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Campaign - How To Complete The Psionic Conduit Puzzle

More than any other story campaign Bungie has ever made in Destiny 2, The Final Shape is full of mechanics. Instead of just shooting a bunch of baddies, you're often tasked with deactivating mechanisms and solving puzzles in order to progress. In the second mission of the campaign, Temptation, you'll need to interact with three black sundials to deactivate three "conduits" and bring down a shield. Here's how they work.

The dials are scattered around the area of The Landing and guarded by severa

New Trailer Announces Where Winds Meet Coming To PS5, Includes This Fight With Giant Fish

If its newest trailer is anything to go by, Where Winds Meet looks like it'll scratch your Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice itch with a ton of fast-paced duels against a variety of powerful bosses. The trailer also announces the game is coming to PlayStation 5 in addition to PC.

Developer Everstone Studio dropped a new trailer for the upcoming open-world action-RPG during Sony's latest State of Play presentation, where it put the focus squarely on duels with characters who look like they're going to w

XDefiant Video Review

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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Story Trailer Sets The Stakes And Suggests A Fallen Zavala

With The Final Shape looming on the horizon of Destiny 2, Bungie has released a new story trailer setting the stakes for the final chapter in the story the developer began with the original release of Destiny in 2014. It also suggests new twists in the story of the expansion: the temptation of one of Destiny's most notable characters, Commander Zavala.

Destiny 2 players have known that the Witness, the antagonist operating from the shadows for the last 10 years of the Destiny Light and Darkness

Destiny 2's Final Shape Brings New Depth To Its Missions And "Defragmented" World

Ten years ago, the story of Destiny started with the Traveler, a god-like entity the size of a small moon, hovering over Earth and dispensing superpowers to humans to use against encroaching alien hordes. In The Final Shape, Destiny 2's next expansion, we're finally primed to find out what's inside that massive robotic orb.

It's apparently pretty weird in there.

We've gotten a few brief glimpses into the Pale Heart of the Traveler, the new location where the final showdown between the heroes o

Destiny 2: The Final Shape's Prismatic Subclass Avoids The Mistakes Of Strand In Lightfall

When players jump into the story campaign for Destiny 2's next expansion, The Final Shape, they'll pretty quickly unlock one of the biggest new parts of the game: Prismatic. The new subclass is necessary to complete The Final Shape's story, just like Strand was when it was introduced in Destiny 2's last expansion, Lightfall.

But unlike how Lightfall handled its new player abilities, Bungie says you'll get Prismatic early in The Final Shape, and you'll have access to it for the duration--it won'

Memorial Day Laptop Deal - Lenovo Ideapad For Less Than $300

Businesses love running Memorial Day Weekend sales, and at Best Buy, that means a big sale on laptops, among other tech gear. Headlining the best laptop deals at the retailers is a Lenovo Ideapad i1, which usually retails for $500 but is on sale for $280.

The Ideapad is a budget laptop that's a solid option for lower-intensity school and work requirements--things like browsing the internet and doing research, and writing documents and emails. This model weighs 3.5 pounds and is only 0.7 inches

XDefiant Review

XDefiant is an FPS with an identity crisis. This arcade-style arena shooter pulls characters and locations from various Ubisoft games, and it feels a little bit like a lot of different things as a result: It's fast and twitchy in a way that’s similar to games like Call of Duty, but has class abilities that might put it closer to something like Overwatch. It’s got fast respawns and faster deaths, but offers objective-based modes that prioritize teamwork over straight killcount. That combination o

This Ori And The Blind Forest Bundle Also Gets You A Real-Life Ori

If you've ever thought that the cat-like guardian spirit that stars in Ori and the Blind Forest looked extra cuddly, good news: You can actually cuddle Ori, thanks to an officially licensed plush from Fangamer. In fact, you can grab a plush Ori along with a copy of Ori and the Blind Forest in a bundle from Best Buy.

The Ori plush bundle comes with a digital code for a copy of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition for Xbox Series X|S along with the plush. The bundle usually retails for $4

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Will Make One Of The Most Impactful Balance Changes In Years

The Final Shape is bringing a whole lot of adjustments to Destiny 2 when it drops on June 4--so many, in fact, that Bungie is detailing them over thousands of words and multiple blog posts. One of the biggest is an overhaul of the Well of Radiance super ability for Warlocks: one that players have relied on in Destiny 2's toughest content for years on end.

Bungie detailed a whole lot of changes to various subclass abilities in an extensive blog post, mirroring another big one it dropped last wee

Revisit Turok And Other Old-School Shooters With Humble's Retro FPS Bundle

Nightdive Studios is best known for refreshing classic shooters for the modern era, and with Humble's Fully Loaded bundle, you can grab nine of Nightdive's PC remasters for a mere $20, taking you straight back to the Nintendo 64 era with some of the pioneers in the first-person shooter genre.

Headlining the Fully Loaded bundle are three dinosaur-blasting games: Turok, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, and Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. All three sport enhanced graphics and gameplay improvements that make t

The 1,000-Page X-Men Animated Series Comics Omnibus Is Nearly 50% Off At Amazon

The excellent X-Men '97 on Disney+ has revitalized interest in the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series, which served as many fans' introduction to Marvel's superhero team some 30 years ago. While the waiting game for more X-Men '97 has begun now that the first season is over, you can still tap into the Animated Series' stories with X-Men: The Animated Series - The Adaptations Omnibus. The collection brings the animated series full-circle by adapting the show back into comics.

The 1,008-page hard

Junji Ito's Next Horror Manga Collection Is Discounted At Amazon

Artist and writer Junji Ito is a horror icon, with decades of weird, mind-bending stories full of upsetting imagery. Ito's recent popularity has resulted in a Netflix series adapting some of his stories into anime, and another series, based on his excellent collection Uzumaki, is supposed to be dropping on Adult Swim, uh... sometime.

While you wait, you can preorder Alley, the latest collection of Ito stories to make their way to the U.S. Snag it on Amazon and you'll get it at a discount when i

Need A PS5 Or Xbox For EA Sports College Football? Check Out These Great Deals

EA Sports College Football 25 is due to hit this summer, but that comes with a caveat for fans: It's not going to be available on older consoles or PC. So while you can preorder College Football 25 on PlayStation 5 and on Xbox Series X from Amazon right now, you might also be in the market for one of those shiny new(ish) game consoles on which to play it.

Luckily, Walmart has you covered with some discounted PS5 Slim and Xbox Series X consoles, both of which come bundled with games to get your

Relive Some Weirdo Mech Battles With This Discounted Xenogears Model Kit

Remember Xenogears? A turn-based RPG from the height of Squaresoft's dominance in the 1990s, it combined sci-fi and fantasy elements and a whole lot of mental illness troubles with giant mechs wailing on each other. It was pretty cool, and now you can bring a little part of that into your life with Square Enix's model kit of the Siebzehn, one of the titular "Gears" of Xenogears. Amazon has the kit on sale for $148, down from its usual price of $170.

This is one of Square Enix's Structure Arts P

Slapstick Comedy Movie Hundreds Of Beavers Is As Much Video Game Let's Play As Bugs Bunny Cartoon

More and more video games are seeing adaptations into movies, but Hundreds of Beavers might be the most video game-like movie I've ever seen.

That's not necessarily apparent from first blush, especially because Hundreds of Beavers' other influences are so clear and stark. Following the story of a 19th-century fur trapper as he faces off against various woodland creatures in a wintery Wisconsin, it's a black-and-white, mostly dialogue-free throwback to silent-era comedies, full of the kind of sl

Destiny 2's Divinity Gun Is Getting Nerfed In The Final Shape

Bungie is doing a huge pass on weapons in Destiny 2 when its next expansion, The Final Shape, releases on June 4. The balance tweaks include a blanket buff to just about all weapons in PvE activities, as well as an adjustment to Divinity--a gun that's essential in lots of high-level play situations--that will probably make it a little more annoying to use.

The developer dropped an expansive set of details about how weapons are set to change on its website. The big change players are likely to f
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