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The Inquisitor Review

Video games can be great vehicles for mysteries. The idea of gathering clues, questioning witnesses, and giving dramatic speeches where you stun an array of suspects with your intellect makes for an exciting fantasy. But lots of games stumble trying to fit the inherently open-ended, red-string-connecting fantasy of the detective into traditionally linear story structures. The Inquisitor is a game like that — it starts with the compelling concept of playing as a medieval church cop hunting a vamp

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review

I fell in love with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time way back in 2003, when it helped redefine 3D action-adventure games with its clever rewind ability enhancing its environmental puzzles and fast, acrobatic combat. But while the aughts saw a bunch of sequels with similar elements, none ever quite hit the same heights as The Sands of Time – and the 2010s were a parched desert for the series. But like an oasis, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown finally nails what I loved about those classic Pri

Lego Fortnite Review

Surprising absolutely no one, Fortnite and Lego snap satisfyingly together like a couple of plastic construction bricks. Combining the building creativity of Lego sets with Fortnite's expansive and often gorgeous island playgrounds is a smart match that creates an approachable yet fairly deep survival game. But while it streamlines a few of the more cumbersome aspects of the genre, Lego Fortnite also has the distinct feel of an early access game, trading as much on its future potential as its cu

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Review - The Good Blue Man Group

Before starting Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, I was reminded of what I think of when considering any open-world game: Killscreen's review of Fallout 4 by Chris Breault, and the opening line, "Here comes the trashman!" Breault discusses an experience of constantly picking up and covering yourself in the garbage scattered around that game's massive world. It's a description that feels highly applicable to most open-world games--huge, but full of refuse that you spend endless hours picking through

The Talos Principle 2 Review - Machine Learning

Video games often deal with the end of the world and thinking about how cool it might be. Like, sure, it sucks that most everyone has to die horribly for the end of the world to take place, but those of us who survive might get to shoot evil marauders or rotting mutants or giant bugs. Or maybe there are evil marauders, rotting mutants, and giant bugs who are trying to bring about the end of the world, and you can shoot them to prevent it. In any event, the idea of finding fun settings that let y

Lords Of The Fallen Review - Dark Slog

There are a lot of elements that might be said to define Souls-like games, but high on the list has to be the genre’s particular approach to pacing. As a group of action-RPGs, they’re defined first by periods of growing, ratcheting tension. You fight through long areas filled with tough enemies, with each one dropping "souls" that you can spend to level up your character, which you risk losing if you die before you reach a safe place where you're able to spend them.

Following the build of tensi

Thymesia Review - Hunter Homage

A lot of games have drawn inspiration from the works of From Software, with varying degrees of success. While many developers look to emulate that high degree of challenge that comes from the likes of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, they often miss the fact that it's From's thoughtful, tight gameplay and deliberate encounter design that makes these games fun, not just a punishing difficulty. Thymesia, a 3D action game that draws heavy influence from some specific From titles, manages to stri

Rollerdrome Review - Skate Or Die

When I was losing hours to Roll7's latest side-scrolling skateboard platformer, OlliOlli World, I never said to myself, "I wonder what this would be like if my skater had a gun." Roll7 obviously did, though, and the result is Rollerdrome. Though it makes departures from the skating games that Roll7 is known for, Rollerdrome nails what's most important about them: it's an easy game to play that makes you feel awesome while you're playing it.

Rollerdrome is similar to Roll7's other titles in that
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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Trailer Breakdown - Miquella's Story Gets Dark

This first line also sets the stage for the DLC with a description of Miquella: “Pure and radiant, he wields love to shrive clean the hearts of men. There is nothing more terrifying." Lore and descriptions about Miquella describe him as being able to compel the love of other people, and that has always had a light implication of mind control. This first line underlines the idea that Miquella can control people: "shrive" refers to confessing sins, administering a sacrament, and freeing someone of

Experience A Comic-Con You Cannot Escape With The Comic-Con Cruise

Ever wish you could experience San Diego Comic-Con International, but with 2,000 other people on a giant floating resort on the high seas? Well, there's good news for you, then: 2025 will see the first-ever Comic-Con Cruise, which aims to bring the experience of seeing a ton of cosplay, attending celebrity panels, and navigating ludicrous crowds to a large boat.

The Carribbean cruise will span February 5-9 next year, leaving from Tampa, Florida, and venturing to Cazumel, Mexico, before returnin

Destiny 2 Lets You Cosplay As Commander Shepard With Mass Effect Cosmetics Out Now

Destiny 2's latest cosmetic collaboration is now live, allowing you to fight for the solar system with armor inspired by Commander Shepard and a couple of fan-favorite members of the Normandy's crew. The new cosmetics are inspired by BioWare's Mass Effect games, offering three sets of armor ornaments alongside a Ghost shell, Sparrow, ship, emote, and finisher.

You can find the cosmetics in the Eververse shop, where the armor sets can be purchased with Silver, Destiny 2's premium currency. There

Nightingale's Survival Aspects Are Familiar, But Its Strange Worlds Hold A Lot Of Promise

Our band of Victorian survivalists opened a portal to a swamp filled with vicious creatures, and then we went hunting. A magic spell created by one of our group pointed the way across the festering, waist-deep waters, which carried some unknown disease if you lingered in them for too long. Man-sized rats and frogs appeared at the fringes to slow our progress, but eventually, we found our prey: a fire-breathing beast called a Humbaba, big as a building, that lumbered across the landscape.

It too

Enshrouded Is Like Multiplayer Skyrim--And Makes My Group Feel Like The Fellowship Of The Ring

One of the first things Enshrouded instructed me and my friends to do was delve into the evil blue fog that infests its lowland areas, seek out a huge, fungus-covered, axe-wielding boss, and murder him.

After that, we built grapple hooks to swing over a destroyed bridge, and within the next hour, we crafted wingsuits from goat skins. We trekked back out into the world, discovered a huge, ancient tower, and scaled it. From its height, we spotted a destroyed monastery in the distance, so we leape

Shōgun Review - Game Of Ronin

Ever since Game of Thrones came to an end back in 2019, I've been itching for some expansive medieval political intrigue. FX's adaptation of Shōgun, James Clavell's 1975 novel, provides exactly what I've been craving. It widens its view of the original story, which follows a fictionalized version of the adventures of the first Englishman to reach Japan, to put a greater emphasis on the dangerous political world that man finds himself trapped in. This new adaptation of Shōgun is all about the mac

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Concludes At The End Of The Original's Disc 1

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth looks to be a huge game, as we found in our preview, but now we know exactly how much of the original Final Fantasy VII the new game will cover, and it's still just the equivalent of the 1997 game's first disc.

In its recent State of Play presentation showing off Rebirth gameplay, Square Enix noted that Rebirth goes from when Cloud and his friends leave Midgar, "through their arrival at the Forgotten Capital." That's a major event in the game's story and originally ma

The Inquisitor Review

Video games can be great vehicles for mysteries. The idea of gathering clues, questioning witnesses, and giving dramatic speeches where you stun an array of suspects with your intellect makes for an exciting fantasy. But lots of games stumble trying to fit the inherently open-ended, red-string-connecting fantasy of the detective into traditionally linear story structures. The Inquisitor is a game like that — it starts with the compelling concept of playing as a medieval church cop hunting a vamp

How Destiny 2 Is Ditching Seasons For Less "Predictable" Episodes

Destiny 2's Season of the Wish is the last time Bungie will use its seasonal content system, switching instead to a new episodic story format between its major expansions. Part of that change is a response to feedback from players that, after four years, the seasonal approach of weekly short story missions had become stale. Each season's story followed a model that Destiny fans started to expect and anticipate, and while Destiny 2's seasonal stories have largely been thoughtful and engaging, the

How Destiny 2 Finally Got A Dungeon Where You Get Trapped In A Literal Dungeon

Warlord's Ruin, the Destiny 2 dungeon released with Season of the Wish, took players in some unexpected directions when it released on December 1. Where the last two dungeons had a more sci-fi feel, Warlord's Ruin carries a much more Dark Souls vibe. It takes place in a ruined castle; it's a dungeon in which you get trapped in a literal dungeon.

But while Warlord's Ruin and its dark fantasy elements were a surprising and fresh direction for Destiny 2 players, some of those ideas had been floati

Mass Effect 2's Human Reaper Was Dumb And I'm Sad We Didn't Get More Of It

Mass Effect 2 is celebrating its 14-year anniversary today, January 26, 2024. Below, we look back at one of its strangest aspects, and how it set up a broader subplot that went almost entirely unexplored.

The Suicide Mission of Mass Effect 2 is one of the all-time great climaxes of a video game. After tens of hours building relationships with a crew of characters you've recruited from all over the galaxy, you take them into a final battle where you have to make use of their specific skills and

Alan Wake 2: Everything New We Learned From The Final Draft

The Final Draft often provides more context for existing story beats rather than offering new ones, but one additional element gives hints at events that happened at an area we never visit: the Lake House. This is the FBC's laboratory and command center in Bright Falls, but you can't go there in the main game. Later, Estevez tells Saga that the Lake House has been overrun by the Taken. A new manuscript page in The Final Draft suggests that one of the FBC researchers at the Lake House, Dr. Jean M

Destiny 2's Riven's Wishes Will Let You Pick Raid Weapons, Exotic Armor As Rewards

Most of the story of Destiny 2's Season of the Wish is over for now, but Bungie will give you new reasons to return to the Dreaming City next week with the addition of Riven's Wishes. The new weekly pursuits are set to give players access to high-end rewards, including guns from the Last Wish raid, Exotic armor pieces, and cosmetic weapon ornaments.

Bungie revealed new details about what to expect as Season of the Wish continues in its latest This Week in Destiny blog post. Riven's Wishes are a

The Last Of Us 2's Roguelike Mode Is Fun, But Highlights How Its Elements Don't Quite Fit Together

Combat in The Last of Us Part 2 creates a pretty specific feeling. It's often slow and heavy, providing a weight to every interaction that demonstrates just how tough it is to kill someone and how quickly things can go wrong. At the same time, it relies heavily on improvisation as you vault over objects, smash people with bricks, and bury machetes in guts--or just silently open someone's jugular with your knife as you clamp a hand over their mouth.

Despite having a certain clunkiness, there's a

After 10 Years, Destiny 2 Will Soon Let You Change Your Characters' Faces

Bungie is finally adding the ability to change your Destiny 2 characters' faces and body types with an update ahead of its next expansion, The Final Shape.

The update was announced in Bungie's weekly This Week In Destiny blog post with some details about how the new character customization options will work. Players will be able to alter their characters' physical appearances, including their body types, genders, facial characteristics, hair, and markings like scars or tattoos. Basically, it so

Destiny 2's Season Of The Wish Isn't Over; New Story, Moments Of Triumph Coming This Month

Destiny 2's current content season, the Season of the Wish, isn't quite done with its story. Despite seeming to wrap up its narrative last week, according to developer Bungie, there's more to come at the end of January.

Bungie dropped a few hints about what we can expect from the ongoing Season of the Wish in its weekly This Week In Destiny blog post. The details, as always, are a little thin, but Bungie said explicitly that the story for the season is not yet done. More story content is coming

FX's Alien Show Is Making The Monster Scarier By Dropping Prometheus's Plot

Sharks have been basically unchanged for millions of years. Essentially a torpedo with teeth, the shark is a creature incredibly honed to its particular ecological niche of eating stuff while swimming fast. Though, according to the theory of evolution, it was created through a confluence of random events--millions of generations of slight variations and mutations slowly selecting for the best combination of elements--it was fine-tuned through that process to create something incredibly powerful

Noah Hawley's Alien Show Is Dropping Prometheus Backstory Because It's Not 'Useful'

When Ridley Scott released Prometheus, he made canon an element of the Alien series that fans had always speculated over. Prometheus and its sequel, Alien: Covenant, make it very clear that the alien that appeared in Scott's 1979 original was an engineered organism, created by through the combination of a mutagenic black goo made by the alien civilization dubbed the Engineers, and the work of the murderous artificially intelligent android named David (Michael Fassbender).

But the upcoming FX Al

The AI George Carlin Special Sucks For Every Reason You Thought And More

To even judge "George Carlin: I'm Glad I'm Dead," an hour-long YouTube video of bad AI-generated images, narrated and purportedly "written" and "performed" by a generative artificial intelligence model as an imitation of a dead famous human man, as a "comedy special" would be to lend it legitimacy. "I'm Glad I'm Dead" is a weak, watered down, boring approximation of the artistic performances a human person honed over the course of a lifetime by combining his experiences of living with Carlin's s
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