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Horizon Forbidden West Review - Squad Goals

Horizon Forbidden West can be daunting in its size and scope. That feeling only grows as you uncover its map, collect gear to fill in its giant arsenal of weapons and armors, or unlock a huge number of special moves, skills, and passive buffs from its expansive, revamped skill tree. But while it casts an imposing shadow, Forbidden West often keeps its focus on characters and their stories, and that approach works to break the enormity into smaller chunks and give your adventure stakes that matte

'Marvel's Spider-Man' slings and swings its way to the top of the superhero heap

There might not be a better superhero for an open-world game than Spider-Man. Spidey brings two key elements that work extremely well for games — his job as a city-spanning crime fighter who tangles with both two-bit hoods and murder-happy supervillains; and his fast, agile movement. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, working through the story, zipping around the city, punching muggers, and catching pigeons are all compelling in their own ways. Spider-Man is a rare open-world game that feels like it supp

It took 3 years, but 'Destiny 2' is the bigger, badder shooter fans clamored for

Destiny has come a long way. Developer Bungie’s massively online first-person shooter was fun, but launched with a host of unforeseen consequences from trying to fuse the World of Warcraft formula and fast-paced console gunplay. Over four major expansions, Bungie continually learned lessons and made changes that improved that situation on every front, from its loot grind to its storytelling. In preparing our Destiny 2 review, the sequel has shown itself to be the culmination of all that experien

Revenge is a dish served lukewarm in 'Destiny 2: Forsaken'

Bungie’s space-faring Destiny 2 is a weird game. One of its biggest problems, though, is that the developer seems unwilling to fully embrace that weirdness. Destiny 2: Forsaken, a big new expansion with lots of good ideas, takes a long time to hit is stride – but once it does, it’s a blast. Forsaken is a more personal story than the big, world-threatening adventures players have previously faced. It starts with a prison break (in space!) and ends with the death of fan favorite Cayde-6 at the ha
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