So You Created a Wormhole

Welcome, intrepid temporal explorers, to the world's first and only field manual/survival guide to time travel!


Humans from H. G. Wells to Albert Einstein to Bill & Ted have been fascinated by time travel-some say drawn to it like moths to a flame. But in order to travel safely and effectively, newbie travelers need to know the dos and don'ts. Think of this handy little book as the only thing standing between you and an unimaginably horrible death-or being trapped forever in another time or alternate reality.

So You Created a Wormhole is an illustrated guide to understanding the convoluted nature of time travel. By exploring a number of known instances of time travel, ranging from the story of the world's greatest intern, Marty McFly, to the humanity-decimating exploits of Skynet, you'll come away with all the expert knowledge needed to survive your own forays with temporal displacement.

The Space Hero's Guide to Glory

Think every space hero was born with an army of laser-firing minions? Think it's easy to maintain a healthy rivalry with your archnemesis? Think again!

Intergalactic News Flash: Even a rookie like yourself can become the next great Space Hero. But there's more to it than seducing alien babes or swapping one-liners with our first mate. How will you combat the evils of helmet hair? Can you win a no-win scenario? If you want to survive the 'Verse, you've got a lot to learn, Cadet.

The Space Hero's Guide to Glory is a step-by-step illustrated guide that will take you from home world half-wit to interstellar idol. Filled with lessons gleaned from your legendary predecessors—including Han Solo, Captain Kirk, and Kara Thrace—you'll learn the difference between laser and phaser, how to assemble a crew of brilliant misfits, and the basic piloting skills to avoid warping your starship straight into a black hole.

So suit up and get reading, Cadet. Space needs its next Space Hero!

The Unofficial Resident Evil Trivia Challenge

The Ultimate Zombie-Fighting Challenge!

You may think that you know everything there is to know about Alice and the Umbrella Corporation, but how much do you really know? With topics that cover the entire Resident Evil franchise, you'll have to drop in on every fight, scene, and exchange in order to beat this trivia challenge. If you really want to prove that you're a Racoon City expert, get ready to put your skills to the test with questions like:

  • Where does Alice's real name appear in the films?
  • How long does it take to make a single dose of the Daylight vaccine?
  • What role did the mansion play in World War II?

The ultimate test of fandom, this book is guaranteed to challenge even the greatest Resident Evil fan!