Reality Check: What Is The Real State Of Blockchain And NFTs In Video Games?

When developer Bungie added the Forsaken expansion to Destiny 2, it also brought several new guns to its live-service experience. One of those weapons, a grenade launcher called The Mountaintop, upended Destiny 2's competitive landscape. It was devastating in fights and became a mainstay of many players' arsenals--and it was incredibly tough to earn, which made it feel like a significant power boost as well as a badge of honor to wield.

Two years later, Bungie "sunset" a number of older weapons

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is A Faster, More Aggressive Souls-Like

With Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, developer Team Ninja feels like it's riffing on a riff. The action game studio has already given its spin to the Souls-like genre with the Nioh games. In Wo Long, Team Ninja once again borrows some of the underpinnings of From Software's lauded series, but takes a faster, more Ninja Gaiden-like approach. It's some of the same ideas but with a different feel, which will challenge action game fans in a lot of different ways.

GameSpot got an early look at Wo Long's pl

Crisis Core Reunion Is A More Faithful Remake Than You Might Expect--For Better And Worse

Final Fantasy VII is an enduring classic, and the success of Square Enix's 1997 RPG also led to several spin-offs. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was the best of them, but if you didn't buy Sony's first handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Portable, you missed it. Some 15 years after its release, you'll get another chance to experience Crisis Core with its remade version, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, and it appears that it'll be very similar to the PSP original--only better.


Forspoken's Speed And Simplicity Make You A Spidey-Like Sorcerer

If you imagine Spider-Man slinging a variety of deadly magic spells rather than webs, you have a good idea of what it's like to play Forspoken. Square Enix's upcoming open-world action game puts equal emphasis on quick movement and all manner of magical bombardments to create an experience that encourages you to think on your feet and defeat enemies with overwhelming force.

Square Enix recently gave GameSpot a chance to play about an hour of Forspoken in a curated demo. We didn't play the actua

Five Years Of Destiny 2's Dramatic, Transformational Changes

This promo image, circa 1973, is somehow for the same Destiny game we're playing today Destiny 2 is now five years old, having been released on September 6, 2017. As players who have been with Destiny since its original beta, that's both difficult and easy to fathom. So much has happened both narratively and gameplay-wise, and yet you can still hop into the Cosmodrome and take in the sights of those satellite dishes and beautiful skybox that tantalized us at the launch of the original game. And

How Event Horizon And Other Horror Films Inspired Destiny 2's Season Of The Haunted

Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted lives up to its name. Set largely in a new location, the Derelict Leviathan, the season has given the game a distinctive, sci-fi-horror atmosphere as part of both its gameplay and its story. What players experienced aboard the Leviathan is a bigger, more involved version of what Bungie first created in one of its very best levels. The Exotic mission Presage sent players to a ghost ship and told a story of madness and murder--and now we've seen what it prophesied

Rollerdrome Is Like Slapping Roller Skates On Max Payne

Coming off the critical acclaim of skateboarding side-scroller OlliOlli World, you might ask, where could Roll7 go from here? The developer has a solid mastery of "flow state" games that are all about hitting jumps, performing tricks, and chaining sick moves together to log massive scores. What do you bring to that kind of game to create something new?

In the case of Rollerdrome, you make what might be the most video game decision possible: take the mix of skating, tricks, and high scores, and

Saints Row's Open World Is Chaotically Messy, And I Dig It

A lot has changed in the open-world genre since the Saints Row series came to its ridiculous conclusion amid an alien invasion almost 10 years ago. And with the reboot of the franchise, Deep Silver Volition seems to be looking back to that time, before open-world games were flooded with RPG elements and crafting systems. The new Saints Row feels a lot like a game from a different era, but with a bunch of additions that make it more than just a nostalgic return to the past.

I played about four h

The Best (And Most Ridiculously Fun) Destiny 2 Exotics

One of the new Exotics to come with the Witch Queen expansion is Parasite, possibly the funniest and goofiest gun in the game. It comes at the end of a long quest in which you hang out with one of the sentient worm parasites that live inside Hive enemies and give them their power. The gun you eventually make out of the worm is a grenade launcher that shoots other worms, which flop through the air and then explode in a shower of goo. A worm cannon is great on its own--not only is it visually goof

Exoprimal Hands-On Preview

We played about three hours of Exoprimal during its recent closed network test, which gave a sense of some of its multiplayer modes and the mech suit character classes you can use within them. While matches involve fighting off waves of prehistoric creatures, your actual goal is to beat another team of exosuit-wearing dino hunters.

Though we only played for a few hours and saw only a small portion of what Exoprimal has to offer, overall, the game offered a lot of goofy, over-the-top fun in this

In Metal: Hellsinger, Death Is Your Instrument

First-person shooter combat can often be said to have a sort of "rhythm," with the explosive bassy blasts of rounds leaving firearms and the weighty ka-chunk of reloading adding its own percussion to action movie-like experiences. Metal: Hellsinger makes that idea its central tenet, specifically building a fast-paced arena shooter around rhythm game sensibilities. But while it might seem like shooters naturally lend themselves to a rhythm game concept, making Metal: Hellsinger work as one, while

All The Story You Need To Know To Understand Destiny 2 Season Of The Haunted

Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted is working through a compelling, character-driven story, one that dives into the personal traumas of some of the game's major characters as they try to deal with the new threat presented by Calus and the Derelict Leviathan. Like the best of Destiny 2's recent stories, it relies heavily on player knowledge from past seasons and expansions.

Generally, this is great, because with Bungie building on events of the recent past, Destiny 2 feels like a world that is ch

Here's Everything You Can Play Right Now From Nintendo's Direct Mini

June's Nintendo Direct Mini showcase highlighted a bunch of games coming to the Switch in the near future. As is often the case, though, the Big N also had a few surprises for viewers, with lots of stuff announced during the showcase that you can play with no waiting. Those things included both full game releases and demos that will pop up today following the short presentation.

Here's a rundown of everything from the Nintendo Direct Mini you can play right now.

The massive upcoming expansion

Lego Brawls' Delightful Chaotic Sets It Apart From Smash Bros.

Lego Brawls looks like it belongs among the resurgence of side-scrolling, cartoonish fighting games that have recently cropped up to join the ranks of Nintendo's beloved Super Smash Bros. series. But expecting it to be much of a fighting game, with all the complexity that entails, would be a mistake. Lego Brawls is more accurately described as the items side of a Smash Bros. fight--a whole lot of unpredictable, intense chaos, with a fairly low skill ceiling and a high degree of approachability.

Elden Ring Story Explained: A Complete Guide To What You're Doing In The Game

Elden Ring is a vast game that takes you through an enormous world brimming with history and lore, as well as tiny stories playing out all around you. But then there's your story: the things you actually do in the game. You're something called a Tarnished, and you're told you have to get something called the Elden Ring, and that you want to become something called Elden Lord. There are people you have to kill to do that. Have fun.

The reasons you're doing the things you're doing are opaque, the

Soul Hackers 2 Hands-on Preview: Best Fiends

With its most recent Persona games, Atlus has landed on a stylized presentation that elevates its beloved RPG franchise, making it as cool to look at as is it is enveloping to play. Twenty-five years after its predecessor was first released and a decade after it made its way to North America on the 3DS, Soul Hackers 2 gives a sci-fi twist to Atlus's stylish sensibilities and potentially gives RPG fans a different take on what they already like about the developer's titles.

Soul Hackers 2 is the

Obi-Wan Kenobi Got Its Plot Twists Backward

Note: This article is filled with spoilers for Obi-Wan Kenobi, particularly "Part V." Read on at your own risk.

There was a point during the early episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi that it really seemed like the show might be poised to address some deep, painful aspects of the Jedi mentor's character. We know that Obi-Wan spent some 19 years hanging out on Tatooine, ostensibly watching over a young Luke, planning for the day when the children of Anakin Skywalker might be ready to take on the emperor w

How Destiny 2 Unexpectedly Became A Game About Dealing With Trauma

When Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted first kicked off, it seemed angled to set players against Calus, a villain who'd been kicking around the game since its 2017 release, wielding a new and frightening power--in other words, another relatively typical bad guy waiting for players to come shoot them. What the characters of Destiny 2 have actually wound up fighting, however, are their own personal demons.

The stalwart superheroes of Bungie's MMO shooter are the "Haunted" the season's title is re

‘Vampyr’ wants you feel the consequences of making bad choices

Vampyr gets across a concept that many video games try, and fail, to convey – it’s very hard to be the good guy.

Vampyr, the newest project from Life is Strange developer Dontnod, revolves around a singular problem: You are a vampire who needs to drink blood to survive, but, depending on how you choose to play, doesn’t want to hurt anyone. No matter how good you want to be, you will have to murder people. Putting you in that position, forcing you to sit and wrestle with the feelings that such b
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